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Rag Doll - small book cover Rag Doll
Book 4 of the Full Sails series
by Wes Boyd ©2013, ©2018
Amanda Lewis spends her summers working in the often exciting family business of fishing charters on Lake Huron, but her winters are cold, dull, and boring. In Florida, where it’s warm, she’s looking for a cheap boat she can live on, and her Coast Guardsman brother has found a possibility in the Rag Doll. But at first sight the boat is grubby, dirty, and needs lots of restoration, so it is a very sad Rag Doll. In better days it must have been a doll of a boat, flying the glad rags of her sails, a bone in her teeth as she sailed across bright ocean waves toward some distant, exotic destination. She could tell that this boat didn’t deserve to be sitting sad and forlorn at the edge of a swamp in a muddy backwater. There was a soul of a boat waiting to be freed from its misery. It would be a lot of work, but deep down inside she knew there could be a lot of satisfaction for doing it, too. “Yes, Rag Doll,” she said softly, “you and I are going to have some great times together.”
Order for as little as $19.99
Hickory Run - small book cover Hickory Run
by Wes Boyd ©2015, ©2017
While attending seminary, young woman minister and Colorado River boatman Rev. Nanci Chladek becomes concerned with the problems of her suitemate, a shy, withdrawn girl by the name of Sarah Lackamp. Sarah's parents are missionaries getting set to return to their African mission station, so all too soon she will have to live outside of the protection of school and family. Nanci feels her friend isn't ready for life on her own. She does pull Sarah out of her shell a little, but it turns out that Sarah's problems are different and deeper than Nanci could have believed. How can Nanci help Sarah live in the big bad world of today? What changes will Sarah have to finally accept in order to make it on her own? Warning: There is Christianity, faith, and religion in this story.

Order for as little as $19.99
Best Served Cold - small book cover Best Served Cold
by Wes Boyd ©2015, ©2017
For ten years Royce Palmer's ex-wife Maxine played fast and loose with the visitation rules for their daughter Petra. Royce mostly let her get away with it since he didn't want his daughter getting caught in the crossfire. When Maxine decides that her new husband Milt ought to give Petra away at her wedding, she steps over the line Royce has drawn in his mind, so he decides he needs to even things up a bit. Well, more than a bit. He thinks that once he has some measure of revenge maybe he can get his lonely, bitter life back on track and get back on a road to happiness before it's too late.

Order for as little as $19.99
Hearts of Gold - small book cover Hearts of Gold
by Wes Boyd ©2015, ©2017
Continuing the Legend of Learjet Jenn: after landing a hijacked airliner, Jennlynn Swift, also known as "Learjet Jenn, The Fastest Woman in the State of Nevada," has become the nation's most famous prostitute despite never working more than very part-time at it. It's a reputation she does not like and isn't sure how to bury after she marries her long-time lover, Air Force Sergeant Will Hoffman. She would rather live as she sees herself: a pilot, engineer, and wife. Getting rid of her past isn't going to be easy to do and is complicated by the fact that Will is half a world away. What's more, she has come to realize that her experience is not how most prostitutes end up in the life and her perceived glory might lead young, impressionable women down paths they really shouldn't take. Is there some way she can repair some of the damage while she tries to make her own life a little more like normal?

Order for as little as $19.99
Reaching for Wings - small book cover Reaching for Wings
by Wes Boyd ©2012, ©2017
Back when Mark Gravengood was a kid, he wanted to fly a jet fighter and maybe even become an astronaut. However, his torch-lit dream was dashed when he realized that his glasses meant he couldn't qualify for either; the dream just fell in the grass and tarnished there. Nearly fifty years later, Mark's adopted daughter Bree finds the dream where he left it, polishes it up with his help, and makes it her own. But to make it become reality she has to become something other than the shy, introverted girl she's been up until now. Fortunately she finds some friends to help her grow while she pursues her goal through one of the most exciting times to ever happen in Spearfish Lake.
Order for as little as $19.99
Joe/Joan - small book cover Joe/Joan
by Wes Boyd ©2015, ©2016
Joe is a truck driver who has driven the same cross-country route for over thirty years. He’s just your average Joe, bored and a little frustrated with his life, but with nothing better to look forward to. Then a bolt of lightning hits his truck; when he comes to, he’s eighteen again, it’s 1965 – and he discovers that he’s the twin sister he never had, Joan! While she has no idea of how this could have happened, she resolves to do things differently in this new life, see the world and have some fun along the way. From snow-swept mountaintops to war-torn jungles, from squalid third-world slums to sophisticated cities she manages to do just that. But in the end she’s faced with the same questions she’s had from the beginning, questions like “What happened?” “Why?” and “Why me?”
Order for as little as $19.99
Bullring Days Four - small book cover Bullring Days Four: My Little Pony
Book Four of the Bullring Days Series
by Wes Boyd ©2007, ©2016
This is a sweet, heartwarming story of a young teenage girl and her little pony – pony stock that is, an old four-cylinder economy car converted into a short-track racing car. Telzey’s parents are both in the Army and have been sent to the Persian Gulf as the 2003 war is brewing, so she is staying with her grandparents. Telzey, a racing fan, is sick with worry about her parents, but her new nextdoor neighbors have things that divert her attention, since they’re the family who operates the Bradford Speedway. What’s more, their racer son Will is Telzey’s age, and they become friends almost immediately. It doesn’t take long before Telzey becomes more than just a racing fan!
Order for as little as $19.99
Out of the Cage - small book cover Out of the Cage
Book Eleven of the New Spearfish Lake Tales
Book Four of the Bird Subseries
by Wes Boyd ©2010, ©2016
Things look pretty bleak for Frenchy LeDroit when he gets out after seven months in the Spearfish County Jail. His car is gone. He only has eight bucks and change. His business of selling bootleg beer to underage drinkers, gone. He has no job; he’s up to his neck in trouble with his parents and could get thrown out at any time. There are a lot of asses that need kicking, and there’s no one to help him. One of his best buddies has stabbed him in the back, and the other one isn’t going to be much help. His girlfriend has turned into a carpet muncher. No beer. How is he supposed to get along without any beer? Before jail he and his buddies had been riding on top of the world, and that’s gone now too. What else could go wrong? Frenchy has yet to learn that when you're at the bottom of a hole, the only way out is up.
Order for as little as $19.99
Redeye - small book cover Redeye
An Independent Novel
by Wes Boyd ©2011, ©2013 ©2016
A “Roaring Twenties” gangster once owned a creepy old house deep in the woods near Wychbold. Some people think they have seen ghosts and are sure the place is haunted to protect ancient secrets. Unmarked graves have been found on the property, and buried treasure has also been found there. The place is inhabited by a crotchety old coot and his ghostly maid, who are rarely seen in daylight. Steve Taylor is invited for a visit and learns that, while there’s nothing supernatural happening, there is more than a grain of truth to all of the stories. He also learns that what’s going on behind the eerie façade is considerably more interesting than the rumors – and that some past events had been horrifying indeed. He certainly doesn’t expect what happens as he peels back the layers in the life of the mysterious Ann, the beautiful, reserved, and enigmatic woman who lures him there.
Order for as little as $19.99
Down By the Riverside - small book cover Down By the Riverside
Book Nine of the Dawnwalker Cycle
by Wes Boyd ©2015, ©2016
The Grand Canyon can change lives, and with the help of some of the people and things Nanci Chladek found there it changed hers more than most. Once a prisoner of many irresponsible bad choices, she had been near ending her life. Her dramatic turn away from the life she'd once led cleaned up her act and had made her become pretty religious as she learned to be a Grand Canyon boatman. With a future in front of her that she had once nearly given up on having, she has to figure out what to do with it. It will take her family, her friends, and her newfound faith to help her work it out.
Birdwatcher Hill Fire - small book cover The Birdwatcher Hill Fire
Book Ten of the New Spearfish Lake Tales
by Wes Boyd ©2009, ©2015
Jack and Vixen are searching a remote area of woods around Spearfish Lake for an eagle's nest -- but they find a forest fire instead. The woods are very dry, and fast action is needed to keep the small fire from turning into a major disaster. It is a busy and fast-paced day for local volunteer firemen, railroad workers, Randy from Clark Construction, and others from around Spearfish Lake, including members of the local nudist resort, and the two high school-aged birders are right in the middle of it.
Promises to Keep - small book cover Promises to Keep
by Wes Boyd ©2013, ©2015
Jeff and Eunice Harrington have had a long and successful, if unremarkable life running a business and raising a family, unlike their nearly lifelong best friend Eric Snow, who has lived a life of adventure -- mountain climbing, sailing, backcountry canoeing and much else. Eunice and Eric have faithfully cared for Jeff during a long illness, but after he dies the two have to come to grips not only with his death but also with their past, the opportunities each of them have missed, and the changes Jeff's passing will bring.
Forgotten Killer - small book cover Forgotten Killer
A Tale From Spearfish Lake
by Wes Boyd ©2013, ©2015
It's all but forgotten now, but two things scared people in the first half of the 1950s more than anything else. The atomic bomb was one of them, and infantile paralysis - polio - was the other. While polio could strike people of any age, it mostly targeted children, often crippling them for life, and sometimes killing them despite the best possible efforts available to stem the disease. When polio came to Spearfish Lake in 1955, there were only two choices that everyone faced: run and hide, or stand and fight against unknown and seemingly impossible odds, doing what little they could, however they could, for sake of the lives of the town's children.
Distant Shores - small book cover Distant Shores
Book Three of the Full Sails Series
by Wes Boyd ©2012, ©2015
It takes the death of his son Matt for Adam Caldwell to realize that his life is in a rut with a job and a wife that he's long since lost interest in, and he needs to change things somehow. He's not sure what he wants to do with the rest of his life, or how to go about doing it. Buying a sailboat and following in his son's footsteps seems to offer some potential for building a life he can enjoy. It's not a simple process and there are storms to face, more of them on land than at sea before he can reach the distant shores of happiness.
Bird On the Field - small book cover Bird On The Field
Book Eight of the New Spearfish Lake Tales
by Wes Boyd ©2010, ©2015
Things around Spearfish Lake High School are unsettled after the superintendent is shown the door and the high school principal leaves abruptly. Math teacher Brandy Wine is named principal, with orders to get school discipline and especially the football team under control. The football team's traditional but highly illegal pre-practice beer bust is in jeopardy since the guy who's supposed to get the beer is in jail. Jack and Vixen along with their friends are considering where to go to college and trying to stay above the hassles, since they have problems of their own, while Jack's younger brother Howie is starting to realize he's having trouble with his girlfriend. Things are going to be changing around Spearfish Lake when the dust settles!
Last Place You Look - small book cover The Last Place You Look
Book Seven of the Bradford Exiles Saga
by Wes Boyd ©2012, ©2014
Medical equipment distributor and part-time Emergency Medical Technician John Engler is having one of those periods in his life when even his interruptions get interrupted. His business issues are complicated when he meets Sally Hanson, a lost classmate from the Bradford Class of 1988. She's broke and out of luck, and her daughter has just been badly injured in a car wreck. Against his better judgment, John offers to help out. And then one of his ex-wives, Mandy Paxton, shows up to rekindle the flame. A life of interruptions is nothing compared to what's coming at him now!
Bird in the Hand - small book cover Bird in the Hand
Book Seven of the New Spearfish Lake series
by Wes Boyd ©2008, ©2014
High school aged birdwatcher Jack Erikson is a loner and something of an outcast until he comes across something unexpected while out in the woods, but it slides to the back of his mind when he rescues classmate Vixen Hvalchek from Spearfish Lake High School’s leading bully. As a result, he winds up with a girlfriend and fellow bird enthusiast, along with a couple some other friends he didn’t expect. That sets the tongues to wagging among the high school gossips while the bully and his friends are out for revenge. Dodging them and building a relationship at the same time is not what Jack expected out of a simple afternoon of birdwatching!
Blanche Tickle Girl - small book cover Blanche Tickle Girl
Book Two of the Full Sails series
by Wes Boyd ©2012, ©2014
Matt Caldwell, fresh out of college and in remission from leukemia, knows his life could be short. He wants to wring as much experience as he can from a few years off before he starts a career. On a whim as he sets sail out of Newfoundland bound for Ireland on his elderly twenty-five foot boat, he agrees to take local girl Mary O'Leary with him less than an hour after meeting her. Despite very different backgrounds, the two tend to see many things the same way. A iceberg encounter in the North Atlantic, cruising the British Isles, Norwegian fjords, the Baltic, European canals, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean are all adventures of a lifetime for both of them, despite parents and other difficulties they have to face -- but at least they can face them together.
Hiding Patty - small book cover Hiding Patty
Book Six of the New Spearfish Lake series
by Wes Boyd ©2012, ©2014
Dr. Tricia York is a woman with a secret -- one that could blow up her medical career. Worse, by sheer bad luck she's not the only person in Spearfish Lake who knows about her dark past, and her future could depend on him keeping his silence. With hope her past will remain a secret, she begins the enormous job of taking over an aging doctor's ailing practice in the remote northern town -- and then meets a man whose past has secrets of his own.
Banners Flying - small book cover Bullring Days Three: Banners Flying
Book Three of the Bullring series
by Wes Boyd ©2009, ©2014
Ginger Marston had a very bad day when a crooked auto mechanic tried to rob her -- but it was also a very good day when she met Ray Austin, son of Bradford Speedway owner Mel Austin. Their meeting propels Ginger into being a part of a world she hardly knew existed. From a budding romance to the thrills of short track auto racing, from trouble with her family to a small part in a historic moment at the Indianapolis 500, Ginger is off on an adventure that will change her life forever.
Stray Kitten - small book cover Stray Kitten
Book Five of the New Spearfish Lake series
by Wes Boyd ©2008,©2010, ©2013
When you pick up a stray kitten off the street, you take on the responsibility of caring for it. High school student Cody Archer finds classmate Janice Lufkin being beaten and abused by her father and her brother. An expert with a pistol in spite of his age, he rescues her, making her an orphan in the process. Cody and his big-hearted family decide to take the shy, pathetic girl in before they think about the question of whether they're ever going to be able to make a whole person out of her. Along with that, they have another problem they didn't consider: Janice feels she owes the rest of her life to her guardian angel, Cody.

Three From Bradford - small book cover Three From Bradford
Three Short Novels From The Bradford Exiles
by Wes Boyd ©2011, ©2013
Dodging Mom: Racially exotic Sonja Lambert holds dual citizenship. Her mother Zivah, an Israeli Army officer, shows up expecting Sonja to do her duty in the Israeli army. Sonja has no choice but to hide with her boyfriend Scott Tyler's family. It's not be best circumstances for a romance, but when things get moving quickly they take some unexpected turns! Peeking Over the Fence: At the Bradford Class of 1988 tenth reunion Scott and Sonja Tyler are surprised to meet Dr. Eve McClellan -- previously named Denis, one of the most disliked boys in the class. The upcoming Halloween party is a perfectly good excuse to explore a little of what it's like on the other side of the gender fence. With A Little Help: Pat McDonald is headed for the Gulf War in 1990 when he meets a classmate, Cindy Yeager, who has broken up with her former boyfriend, Russ Bradstreet; it turns into a one-night stand with long and profound consequences.
Starting Late - small book cover Starting Late
Book 4 of the New Spearfish Lake series
by Wes Boyd ©2011, ©2013
The single mother of two young teenage girls is killed in a strange auto accident and the only family members able to keep them out of a foster home are Mark and Jackie Gravengood, near-retirement-age grand uncle and aunt, who never had kids of their own. The instant family has two very different girls, one big, athletic, and outgoing, the other small, shy, introverted, and studious. Mark and Jackie have to learn about kids, and the two girls have to learn about country and small-town living while everyone has to go through a difficult time in their lives.
Winchester Harbor - small book cover Winchester Harbor
Book 1 of the Full Sails series
by Wes Boyd ©2011, ©2013
Jake Lewis is at odds with his family over a girl he thought was his life partner who doesn't seem to feel that way. He doesn't know what to do except go looking for a new life somewhere else. Helping on a marina fuel dock, crewing on a Great Lakes charter fishing boat, and learning to sail help to take his mind off a cheating fiance and his family problems, but not enough. Will the new friends he's made, including some rather special girls, help him find new direction and goals? And perhaps a new love from an unexpected quarter?
Winter Layoff - small book cover Winter Layoff
Book 3 of the New Spearfish Lake series
by Wes Boyd ©2011, ©2013
Clark Construction equipment operator Jim Wooten likes to spend his winter layoff snowmobiling, ice fishing, and getting away from his sister and his alcoholic ex-wife. He’s guilt-tripped into seeing what can be done about getting his aunt and invalid uncle back into their home, which was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. It turns out that a good man with helpful friends and a backhoe can solve a lot of problems – including some of his own.
Icewater and the Alien - small book cover Icewater and the Alien
Book 8 of the Dawnwalker Cycle
by Wes Boyd ©2011, ©2012

Duane and Michelle are Colorado River raft guides in the Grand Canyon in the summer and sled dog mushers in Alaska in the winter. It’s the perfect life for them – lots of fun and adventure, and nothing much of the conventional life, freedom from bosses and desk jobs, peer pressure and politics, mortgages, and marriage and kids. Little do they realize that it’s too good to last . . .
Susan - small book cover Susan
Book 2 of the New Spearfish Lake Series
by Wes Boyd ©2010, ©2012

The horizons in Spearfish Lake seem to close in more and more on Susan McMahon after she returns from spending her junior year of high school as an exchange student in Germany. She speaks several languages fluently and has a wider view of the world than most. Now, she.s finding it hard to fit back into the town where she grew up, especially since her year away from school is causing her problems. But, it.s not a good idea to cross Susan or her family, as they don't take stupidity lying down.
Bullring Days Two - small book cover Bullring Days Two: Bradford Speedway
by Wes Boyd ©2009, ©2012
Dirt-track race-car driver Mel Austin is badly injured in a crash and wakes up in the hospital being nursed by friend and fellow driver Arlene. They decide it’s time to grow up and live a more conventional life, so marry and settle down to teaching and nursing, jobs they both like. But, they’ve been racing cars long enough that it’s hard to stay away from the tracks and out of the cars on them . . . How can they scratch the itch without exposure to the danger?
A blast back into the past, to the fun, adventure, trials and tribulations of short-track racing back in the 1960s!
Hannegan’s Cove - small book cover Hannegan’s Cove
Book 1 of the New Spearfish Lake Series
by Wes Boyd ©2010, ©2012

As he approaches thirty, Randy faces new challenges and responsibilities. He’s matured since college and has come to accept that many of his desires aren’t possible. His first child is on the way, his grandfather’s health is fading fast, and his sister is having family problems. It’s clear that he will soon own Clark Construction as well as run it. Will the years of preparation for the new challenges be enough? How well will he meet those challenges when they arise?
Bullring Days One - small book cover Bullring Days One: On the Road
by Wes Boyd ©2009, ©2012
Mel Austin didn’t want to be just a farmhand for his brother, so after the Army and World War II, he attended college on the GI Bill. But after graduating, he couldn’t stand the thought of teaching in a big-city slum high school, either. A wartime friend asks him to join his ragtag midget auto racing show, Mel figures it’s a better job than pumping gas until school starts. In love with the thrills, action, and a chance to see the country, he spends several years vagabonding with the show through the turbulent and now half-forgotten world of the early 1950s. Adventure and new friends abound, and his life winds up going to places he could never have dreamed.
Pulling Even - small book cover Pulling Even
Book 7 of the Dawnwalker Cycle
by Wes Boyd ©2004, ©2009, ©2011

Randy’s friends get to go places and have adventures, while he has to stay home and work. His heart is set on having some fun and adventure while he’s still young, but the job is important to his family and to him. It’s eating up his life to the point where it’s not even worth trying to plan something fun – if he does something will probably come up to interfere with it. His wife feels his anger, and so do some of his friends, but there’s not much they can do about it . . . or is there?
Picking Up the Pieces - small book cover Picking Up the Pieces
Book 5 of the Bradford Exiles Series
by Wes Boyd ©2005, ©2007, ©2011

"I love you, Dave!" When Dave heard his wife’s last words on his cell phone as he watched the World Trade Center tower fall from the sky, he felt that except for his two sons, his life wasn’t worth living any more. But then, some unique old friends came out of a past he thought he’d put behind him, and helped him put his life back together again in ways he never could have expected . . .
. . . and then it was his turn to help his friends when problems arose in their lives.
Growing Together - small book cover Growing Together
Book 6 of the Dawnwalker Cycle
by Wes Boyd ©2008, ©2011

Jon is white and Tanisha is black. They’ve lived together for five years, hiding from a wrathful father and a vindictive brother. Despite some trepidations, they love their new lives, jobs, and friends. When their best friend is involved in a nationally publicized incident, discovery seems likely. Dealing with that requires resourceful thinking and direct action, but things are not always as they seem. As a result, their lives will change more than they can imagine.
The Homestanders - small book cover The Homestanders
Book 4 of the Bradford Exiles Series
by Wes Boyd ©2005, ©2011.

Sometimes you find opportunity at home. A lot of Bradford kids "take the on-ramp" when they get out of school, heading out in search of better things. But, some don’t leave, and others return when their dreams have failed. Emily is one who stayed, and now her life seems dull compared to some who left. Vicky left, but came back after a disastrous marriage. Despite everything, they learn that the home town can still be a place to thrive, grow, and realize their dreams. Adventure, fun, fulfillment, excitement, respect, and love can be right outside the familiar front door, and sometimes the obvious answer is the hardest one to reach.
Cattail - small book cover Cattail
by Wes Boyd ©2010, ©2011.
Roger Bishop found early retirement from a factory to be lonely and boring, especially since he’s a widower. With nothing better to do, he gets the idea of going south to help with the cleanup after Hurricane Katrina. Down amid the rubble, he meets a lifelong free spirit, Catalina Smith, who’s there on the same mission, so being lonely is no longer a problem. What’s more, it seems that Catalina has some problems of her own, and all of a sudden he really doesn’t have to worry about being bored!
The Girl in the Mirror - small book cover The Girl in the Mirror
Book 3 of the Bradford Exiles Series
by Wes Boyd ©2004, ©2011.

Class Reunion! People have changed by the time of the Bradford High School Class of 1988 tenth reunion, some more than others. The star athlete has become a sportscaster; the class president is now manager of a convenience store; her best friend, a peppy cheerleader, has been through a messy divorce. The happy-go-lucky party girl has a card that reads "Wandering Medieval Minstrel." The valedictorian is a multimillionaire who flies her own Learjet – and works part-time as a prostitute. And, the kid who was universally picked on has changed more than anyone could possibly dream . . .
River Rat - small book cover River Rat
Book 5 of the Dawnwalker Cycle
by Wes Boyd ©2005, ©2010.

One phone call changed her life! Outdoor girl Scooter Whitsell has been reduced to watching a counter, instead of being out on the trails and rivers she loves so well. Then she gets a phone call from an old hiking buddy – and she.s on her way to her absolute dream job: a raft guide in the Grand Canyon! It isn.t an easy job, but Scooter was never a girl that asked for things to be easy. She has to put aside normal things to make a life in the Grand Canyon – but she wouldn.t have it any other way!
Hat Trick - small book cover Hat Trick
Book 2 of the Bradford Exiles Series
by Wes Boyd ©2004, ©2010; Revised 2012

One afternoon Dayna Berkshire decided to practice her guitar at the mall – then people started throwing money in her gig bag! An epiphany that changed her life struck her: "This beats hell out of work!" It takes a while to learn the tricks, but Dayna and her friend Sandy set out to explore the free-wheeling life of being street musicians, earning their money on street corners, in shows, at renaissance faires, or wherever they can, living the lives they choose to lead. But into each life some rain must fall, and it tests just how bad Dayna wants to lead the life she’s chosen.
Square One - small book cover Square One
Book 8 of the Spearfish Lake Series
by Wes Boyd ©2004, ©2010.

After Danny Evachevski found his wife cheating on him, he had no choice but to get a divorce, go repair ties with his family and friends and start over. It wouldn’t break his heart to leave a life and a job he detested, either. It isn’t easy to go back home – things have changed in the twelve years he’s been gone. In spite of family and friends, he’s lonely and often seems at loose ends while he watches people that have made something of their lives. Then, quite unexpectedly, things change. Maybe there’s hope for him after all!
Canyon Fires - small book cover Canyon Fires
Book 4 of the Dawnwalker Series
by Wes Boyd ©2003, ©2009; Revised 2012.

Desperate journey! Nanci spent every cent she had and burned all the gas in her tank to escape Chicago and find her mother and her sister. She finds them, only to discover that both of them are now Colorado River raft guides, and that her mother is about to get remarried – in the depths of the Grand Canyon. With no other choices, Nanci goes along on the trip – two weeks in the middle of the most awesome scenery on the planet, a place that can and does change lives.
Magic Carpet - small book cover Magic Carpet
Book 1 of the Bradford Exiles Series - Revised 2012
by Wes Boyd ©2003, ©2009, ©2012.
Push that button, and your life will change forever! Jennlynn Swift is a college student who’s down on her luck after her parents threw her out. She sees only one hope of being able to pay for college and her flying licenses. Little could she dream that pushing the doorbell of a Nevada brothel would lead to the things it does, which include being a national hero.
Blue Beauty - small book cover Blue Beauty
Book 3 of the Dawnwalker Series - Revised 2012
by Wes Boyd ©2003, ©2009, ©2012.
Too much woman for him? Trey Hartwell used a tour in the army and college to try to raise himself up from a life of poverty. Then he met a woman that seemed too good for him – literature professor and professional harpist Dr. Myleigh Harris. She was easily the most talented, most intelligent, most awesome, most complex woman that he’d ever had the chance to spend some time with. Too much woman for him, for sure, perhaps too much woman for anyone. If any man ever did wind up with her, he’d have his hands full. Trey didn’t think he wanted to be the one to try . . . but still, what a woman!
Facing the Storm - small book cover Facing the Storm
Book 7 of the Spearfish Lake Series
by Wes Boyd ©2001, ©2009; Revised 2012.

When John and Candice Archer’s jobs go bad and their kids are sent to lousy schools, they decide it’s time to get out of the city and head back to John’s home in Spearfish Lake. It takes a little getting used to because their lives are different there, and they can’t help but change to face new circumstances and new opportunities as well as finding new friends and new interests. But then, their new friends are undergoing changes, too. One couple is having trouble getting used to a slow life after challenging but intensive jobs; another’s stable long-time relationship is not so stable any more, and a third couple is facing having to give up a dream of decades to face the challenges of the real world. None of it is easy, but they’re all in it together.
Alone Together - small book cover Alone Together
Book 2 of the Dawnwalker Series
by Wes Boyd ©2004, ©2009; Revised 2011.

Jon Chladek and Tanisha Blythe have a lot in common. They’re very bright engineering students at Georgia Tech, they see a lot of things the same way, they each have families that have their own ideas about what they should be doing, and would go ballistic if they knew the two were seeing each other. When the chance of a lifetime comes, they’re faced with a big decision – whether to take the chance and pay the price they know they’ll have to pay, or lose their dreams by following what their families want them to do.
Andromeda Chained - small book cover Andromeda Chained
Book 6 of the Spearfish Lake Series - Revised 2011
by Wes Boyd ©2003, ©2008, ©2011.

The blonde jogger wore handcuffs! Brenda Hodunk couldn’t believe the sight before her eyes as she jogged down Lakefront Drive. Her new job had already taught her that Spearfish Lake was a little different, but this was a little more different than she had expected. Yet her natural reporter’s instinct smelled story, and she decided she needed to know more about what she’d seen – and it leads her to places and things she never would have believed.
Dawnwalker - small book cover Dawnwalker
Book 1 of the Dawnwalker Series - Revised 2010
by Wes Boyd ©2002, ©2008, ©2010.

College and the years just afterwards are pivotal for many people, having adventures and establishing their lives. It was especially true for Randy Clark and his three girl friends. They are very different people facing very different futures. Can their special friendship survive the problems and distances of the real world?
Absent Friend - small book cover Absent Friend
Book 5 of the Spearfish Lake Series - Revised 2011
by Wes Boyd ©2002, ©2008, ©2011.

In 1970, a Spearfish Lake kid walked into a patch of jungle in Vietnam, and was never seen again. In an era when many people were tired of the war or just didn’t care, most were ready to forget about him – except for his friends, some of whom he’d never met, but who kept the faith anyway.
Runner’s Moon - small book cover Runner’s Moon
Book 4 of the Spearfish Lake Series
by Wes Boyd ©1996, ©2007.

Two kids, a dream, and acres of dogs . . .     Josh and Tiffany want to become dogsled racers. They just have to grow up first – and learn about what they’re doing along the way.      A follow-on to Busted Axle Road, focusing on Josh and Tiffany’s adventures.       
Busted Axle Road - small book cover Busted Axle Road
Book 3 of the Spearfish Lake Series
by Wes Boyd ©1992; Rev. ©2001 ©2007.

A snake crawls out of a bathroom drain, and a woman kills it with her hair dryer . . . That’s all it takes to set townspeople, media, crooked environmentalists, a country music singer, the federal government and a bunch of dogsledders to getting at each other’s throats. Of course, nothing’s quite normal in Spearfish Lake!
The Next Generation - small book cover The Next Generation
by Wes Boyd ©1984, ©1995, ©2007, ©2012. Revised 2012.

All she ever wanted was to be normal! Her mother considered Judith a hopeless invalid to be cared for all her life – but then as she’s about to finish high school, Judith acquires a boyfriend, Ken, who helps her learn that her mother is dead wrong. Judith’s mother doesn’t like Ken because he keeps widening Judith’s understanding of what she can do, so her mother pushes another suitor at Judith, but she keeps going back to Ken. In a touching, slowly building romance, Ken and Judith both learn she can be a much stronger, more productive person than anyone had ever thought she could be. Their love for each other blossoms in college but troubling times come. Is Judith with her newfound capacity for love now strong enough to help keep Ken’s family’s farm from foreclosure? A light romance, not a bodice ripper.
Snow Plow Extra - small book cover Snowplow Extra
Book 2 of the Spearfish Lake Series
by Wes Boyd ©1981; Rev. ©1995, ©2007, New revision © 2013.

In the middle of the worst snowstorm of the decade, the whole town was burning down. The only hope lay on two rusty steel rails . . . Nonstop action and adventure – no sex or violence as railroad workers and firemen struggle against fire, storm, and failing equipment to relieve an isolated northwoods town.
Rocinante - small book cover Rocinante
An Aerial Adventure
Book 1 of the Spearfish Lake Series - Revised 2011
by Wes Boyd ©1993; Rev. 2001, ©2007, ©2011
Vagabonding in the seventies! The only thing that kept Mark going in Vietnam was his plan to spend some time wandering the country by air, like barnstormers did 50 years before. In the last days before leaving, he acquires a partner – a tall, morose girl named Jackie. They spend months on their aerial oddessy, falling in love along the way while having adventures that will turn into memories for a lifetime.