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Blanche Tickle Girl
Book Two of the Full Sails series
Wes Boyd
©2012, ©2014

Chapter 10

Mary soon moved over to the leeward bunk, which was more comfortable for sleeping since it was harder to fall out, while Matt sat on the windward bunk with his feet out to keep him stable. Every few minutes he got up to slide back the hatch cover and look around, in the beam of the flashlight everything always looked like it was riding all right.

It wasn’t until the change of the watch that he pulled his foul weather gear back on and went back out to the cockpit. It had been hard to tell from inside, but the wind had changed direction slightly, putting them off course but not really enough to worry about very much. He made a few adjustments to get back on course, then went back inside to get out of the weather. While it was chilly in the cabin, it was so much better than being out on deck that it felt comfortable indeed.

The activity caused Mary to stir; soon she was awake and keeping an eye on things, while he took over her place on the bunk. It didn’t take long for him to get to sleep, and when Mary woke him at the change of the next watch there was light coming in the cabin windows. It was still blowing hard, at least as hard as the night before, and on poking his head out the hatch he agreed with Mary’s statement that conditions weren’t much better and that they still couldn’t see very far. After a very small amount of discussion, they decided to stay inside the cabin and just look out every now and then, at least until conditions improved. Breakfast took a while since it had to be made on the gimbaled stove, but they weren’t in a hurry for it; after all they had little else to do. They found things to talk about while breakfast came piece by piece, and after it was finished Mary lay down on the leeward berth and slept for a couple hours.

The storm blew hard all day, although toward the evening it began to ease a little; however, with night coming on they decided to not shake out a reef in the sails until morning. The wind slowly eased overnight, and by morning it had dropped significantly although the waves were still pretty big. After it became light the wind had dropped so much that they decided to take out both reefs and get back to full sail, and resume standing watches topside in the more benign conditions.

When Matt did his navigational work that morning, it proved that they hadn’t lost much time in the storm– they were now 410 miles out on a direct line from St. John’s, so the Mary Sue had done well in the storm, despite the deeply reefed sails.

The wind was strong all that day, giving them a lively sail under overcast skies, but it never blew hard enough that they thought about taking in any sail. However, as the day drew to a close it appeared that the weather was deteriorating again, so they took advantage of the light to reef the mainsail to the first reef points again, so they wouldn’t have to do it at night. It was well they did so; it picked up overnight again, though not as bad as the first storm, and again they spent the night sheltering below rather than being out in the wind and wet. It was midday before things dropped off enough that they shook the reef out again. They were now 515 miles out, according to the GPS, a touch over a quarter of the way across, and doing as well as Matt could have hoped.

It had been totally overcast for days, but as the daylight of their sixth day at sea waned there were beginning to be a few breaks in the clouds. That night they could occasionally see a star peeking through, but never enough for Matt to get a star sighting, not that he was terribly worried about it; after all, he figured the GPS was doing better than he could the old-fashioned way with sextant and star sights. The wind dropped off a bit overnight, and swung around to the south; the temperature rose a little over the night. When the morning light came it proved the sky was filled with ugly, low-hanging, fast-moving cumulus clouds that covered most of the sky, but as the morning went on they started to break up a little. Better weather seemed to be on its way.

It was. By early afternoon there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it was getting almost uncomfortably warm. The breeze had dropped off to where they were almost drifting along, barely moving with the sails sometimes just hanging. The wind was more or less on the beam, so the wind vane was steering the boat, although not well in the light air, so they had to keep an eye on it, not that doing so was any great stress on the warm afternoon.

After days of strong winds and gray skies it was downright refreshing, and damp clothes were hanging from every possible place topside. In spite of being careful, a lot of the clothes that they’d worn the last few days were damp or downright wet. Mary had only brought a limited change of clothes with her in one seabag, and they were all uncomfortably damp. Fortunately she and Matt were close enough to the same size that she could wear some of his. A few pieces got a salt-water wash and fresh-water rinse; the prospect of wearing dry clothes cheered them up.

It had been days since Matt had even a thought of a bath or shower. While the clothes washing and drying was going on, he slipped below long enough to pull on a swimsuit, then came back on deck and filled a bucket with seawater and a little saltwater soap.

“Takin’ a little bit of a washdown yourself, b’y?” Mary grinned as she watched him mess around with the soap and the bucket.

“A sponge bath beats nothing,” he said as he stuck his hand in the water to fill a sponge. “Hey, this is almost warm.”

“Might be we’ve wandered in ta the Gulf Stream,” she said. “It wanders around a bit, although I’d have thought this might be a bit early ta be findin’ it.”

“I’ll take it. It beats the heck out of trying to clean up in the cold water we’ve been going through for days. The seagulls hanging around must be able to smell me miles downwind.”

“Aw, it’s not that bad. That’s one of those things ye have to get used ta when you’re at sea like this, b’y.”

“Be that as it may, I’m getting to the point where I’m starting to feel really grubby, and maybe this will help. I might as well take advantage of it while I can.”

“Aye, ye might be right at that, b’y,” she conceded. “I could stand with a bit of a wash-up myself, so I think maybe I’ll take a turn when you’re done.”

Matt did his sponge bath in the back corner of the cockpit. The water wasn’t all that warm, but it felt good to get a little cleaner. Conscious of the fact that Mary was right there, he turned his back, dropped his swimsuit down enough to be able to wash his privates, and then pulled it back up.

The salt water would leave an uncomfortable, itchy film; he knew that from a visit to a beach in Florida with his parents years before. At least there it had been possible to shower off the salt in fresh water, but it couldn’t be done here. He made do by taking a small pan of their precious fresh water, and used a rag to rinse off lightly while he hoped for the best.

Finished with the chore, he stood on the seat, looking back for a minute or two to let the sun and the breeze dry him a little while he thought of how far they’d come and how far they had yet to go. After a while he turned around to a huge surprise: Mary had taken off her clothes– well, actually, his clothes, a T-shirt and a pair of shorts she’d borrowed– and was nude, using the same bucket of water to wash up.

It was quite a sight. He’d always suspected that Mary had a reasonable body under the loose seagoing clothes she’d worn, but now there was no question at all about it. She was solid and muscular, but with no discernible fat. Her breasts were not large, but they were definitely there, and seemed to be proportionate for her while not being so prominent that the sight of them overwhelmed the rest of what he saw. Down in her crotch was a big thatch of pubic hair, showing she was a natural redhead, as if there ever had been any question about that.

“Mary,” he said as he turned his eyes away, “You could wear a swimsuit or something, you know.”

“’Fraid I can’t,” she laughed. “Not only did I not bring one with me, I’ve never worn one at all. I never had the need to. On the odd occasion I found the chance ta go swimmin’ as a child I never bothered with one. But I don’t mind ye lookin’, b’y.”

“You’re sure you don’t mind?” he replied, almost unbelievingly.

“Naw, it’s not a problem,” she replied. “It might be with someone else, but not with ye. Look all ye want, b’y, so long as ye like what ye see.”

Matt felt himself getting red in the face, but turned around anyway. Sure enough, Mary was still sitting on the cockpit seat washing herself, unconcerned that he was looking on. “You’re sure you don’t mind?” he asked again.

“Why should I be mindin’ ye lookin’ at me?” she laughed. “Fact is, I’m glad of the opportunity. I’ve been a little surprised that you haven’t been lookin’ for the chance ta do it.”

“Well, it’s a little awkward, a guy and a girl together on a boat this small,” he shook his head, still stunned by the unbelievable sight. “And I haven’t wanted to do something that would piss you off.”

“Aye, and I’ve appreciated it, too, b’y,” she grinned as she stood up to run the sponge over her backside. “But I’ll be honest with ye, Matt, I’ve been gettin’ to the point where I’ve been hopin’ we didn’t have to be quite as shy around each other as we’ve been. I’m comin’ to like you an awful lot, Matt, and I think you’re startin’ to feel the same way about me.”

“I have been,” he said. “But, well, I haven’t wanted to put any pressure on you, since we’re out here on this boat by ourselves. If I got you pissed off at me it would make a long trip even longer since there’s no way we could get away from each other.”

“That might be the case if it was someone else,” she replied nonchalantly as she got another sponge full of soapy water. “But it’s not someone else, an’ that makes it kinda nice that we’re out here together with no one else around.”

“Look, Mary,” he said. “I’m coming to like you an awful lot, too. There’s something about you that, well, I can’t quite put words to it. I really appreciate how real you are. That’s really refreshing over some of the girls that Mom has tried to set me up with. I mean, a whole world of difference. They’re all plastic and fake, nothing like the real person I’ve come to know you are. I’ve been hoping for days that somehow we can make it work to be together after this trip is over with.”

“So have I,” she smiled, now sponging off her legs. Like the rest of her, they were strong and healthy; Matt could hardly tear his eyes away from them. “I know there’s a lot of difference between the two of us, but there’s a lot of things that are the same. I’m realizin’ that things are up ta you, an’ ye don’t have everything settled in your life, but then, neither have I. I can’t say that we’re sure to be able ta work everythin’ out, but I think we could have some fun tryin’.”

“My thoughts exactly,” he said, more than a little amazed to hear those words coming from the nude woman. “I’ve just been wondering how to say it.”

“Doesn’t matter, it’s been said. Now, would ye like ta take the sponge and wash down my back, now that we have the chance?”

There was no way Matt could have turned her down. He stood up and stepped closer to her, and took the sponge from her hand as she turned her back. “God, you’re strong and beautiful,” he said as he began to rub her back down. “I don’t think I’d realized how beautiful you are until just now.”

“Aw, you’re sweet-talkin’ me again, b’y,” she laughed. “I’m just an average sort. I’m never going to be beautiful like one of those girls you see in the magazines or something.”

“Not that kind of beauty,” he protested as he worked down her back. “You have a strong beauty of your own. I know what people think beautiful girls are supposed to look like and to me they’re weak and scrawny, like I am. In my mind, you’re what a girl should look like.”

“You’re sayin’ that I look sort of like what ye’d like to look like? I mean, solid and strong?”

“Yeah,” he agreed. “What I could have looked like if I hadn’t gotten sick. God, I envy you your health.”

“Matt,” she said as he finished up her back. “I know you’re not a big, strappin’ lad an’ ye never will be. But that doesn’t matter, since I’ve seen the strength within ye that drove ye ta takin’ this trip, an’ I’ve seen the strength ye’ used ta handle yourself on it.”

“Thank you, Mary,” he said slowly. “That means a lot to me. Christ, I’ve told you things about myself in the last week or so that I’ve hardly admitted to myself.”

“An that just shows how strong a man you are,” she grinned. “Now, ye want ta take that fresh water an’ rinse me off?”

“I can’t think of anything I’d rather do.” He tossed the soapy salt water overboard since there was no more need of it, set the bucket down on the cockpit floor, and started in on her with the freshwater rag. Her backside was no problem, but when she turned around so he could do her front things got a lot more intimate. He was enjoying it, and was sure she was, too, especially when he rinsed off her breasts with the rag and felt the hard nubbins of her stiff nipples. It was especially difficult to do her legs, since there was something else he wanted to do more, but at least he finished before he tossed the rag in the pan and stood up to find her taking him in her arms.

It was a powerful kiss; their tongues went for each other almost immediately as he wrapped his arms around her, feeling the muscles in her back as her bare breasts pressed up against his chest. God, he thought, what a woman! How could I be so lucky?

There was no telling how long the kiss went on out there in the sun and the warm breeze, but somehow it was not long enough because there was no way it could ever be long enough. Finally, they broke apart, more to come up for air than anything else. “Matt,” he heard her whisper. “Those shorts of yours feel damp, and besides I feel somethin’ pokin’ me that wants to get free. Why don’t ye take them off?”

“You sure?” he asked, knowing where this was going, but not wanting to ruin things.

“Of course I’m sure or I wouldn’t have asked.”

It only took an instant for his swim trunks to hit the grated deck of the cockpit, and only an instant more for him to feel her hand on him. “Oh, my,” she smiled. “Your sickness may have left you a little underdeveloped in some ways, but not in that one.”

“Thank God for small favors,” he said with a wry smile. “I’ve often wondered what it would have been like if I hadn’t been sick.”

“I’ll bet ye’d have had girls runnin’ an’ hidin’ from it when they found out,” she laughed. “But that really feels nice an’ I’ll bet it’s gonna feel nicer to have ye usin’ it on me.”

“My thinking exactly,” he grinned. “On both counts. One thing, Mary. I put a lot of time into figuring out what to put on this boat for this trip, but I’m dead sure I never thought of rubbers.”

“They won’t be needed,” she grinned. “I may not be one of the girls that walk some of the side streets in some parts of St. John’s late at night, but I ain’t no virgin, either. I figured a while back that I ought to have one of them implant things, ’cause I never know what might happen. You’re no virgin either, aside from Laurel, are ye?”

“No, I’ve had a girl now and then,” he admitted. “That’s one thing about college, at least a place like I went. You can almost always get laid if you feel the need, and there have been times, well . . . that I’ve felt the need.”

“Aye, there have been times I’ve felt the need too, and never more than now.”

They kissed again for a bit, and while it went on Matt’s mind was working. The next time they spoke, two or three minutes later, he said, “Mary, one thing. I’ve been thinking about it, and I’m not sure where we’re going to do this. This boat has a V-berth in the bow, but it’s all stacked up with food and supplies, and I left the cushions behind. I never figured on this happening.”

“Apparently not,” she grinned. “Otherwise ye’d have thought to be bringin’ some rubbers with ye. But there ought to be a way.”

It took a little creativity, not that either of them being was very creative in their lust. Finally, Mary got an idea. “How’s about we slide the hatch partway over the companionway and I bend over on top of it?” she suggested. “It ain’t exactly the way I’d like ta be doin’ it the first time but it oughta work.”

In only a few seconds they had it set up; Matt had to stand on one of the steps to reach her, but it worked. There was a little jiggling around to get everything aligned, but his desire was even more overwhelming by the sight of Mary open and ready for him. Just then, Mary laughed and said, “Now, be sure ye don’t go stickin’ it in the wrong hole and be buggerin’ me, b’y.”

“Might have to think about that sometime,” he laughed back, as he went to enter her.

“Ahhh, that feels good,” she said. “Now don’t be holdin’ back, either.”

“I won’t,” he said, thrusting himself deep within her. It may not have been the perfect position, but at least it was adequate, and from the sounds that Mary was making it was clear that she was enjoying it as much as he was. With considerable mental effort on his part he was able to hold off until he saw her body shake in orgasm, not just once, but again a few minutes later before he could hold himself off no more.

Afterwards, they just collapsed next to each other nude and sweaty on one of the cockpit seats. Their arms went around each other again, and once again they kissed. After a while they just cuddled together, playing lightly with each other’s bodies. “I’m afraid we sort of ruined the baths we just took,” he grinned. “But it was worth it, as far as I’m concerned.”

“Aye,” she said as she snuggled up to him a little closer, if such a thing were possible. “But I don’t think it was that bad. I can stand ye smellin’ a little if ye can stand me the same way.”

“Oh, I’m sure I can,” he agreed. “I think we’ll sort of cancel each other out. Besides, while we’re not using a lot of fresh water I don’t think we want to waste it, either.”

“We can wash up again in a few days if the weather stays warm,” she suggested. “But I’ll be tellin’ ye, Matt, I liked that enough that I don’t want it to be the last time we do it.”

“Me, either,” he agreed. “But we ought to be able to think of a better way for the next time.”

“Too bad we can’t be usin’ the V-berth,” she shook her head. “But I don’t think we’d want ta be usin’ it at sea anyway.”

“Right, not while we’re standing watch and watch,” he agreed. “Besides, we’d roll around too much if we tried to use it in a storm. Once we get some of the food eaten down, we might be able to rearrange things so we can sleep there, and maybe when we get to Ireland I can find some cushions for it.”

“That’s still a couple weeks off, but I suppose we ought to be able to think of something to get us by till then,” she replied thoughtfully. “It might get a little acrobatic but it’ll help pass the time.”

“Can’t think of a better way to pass the time,” he agreed. “God, Mary, I’m so glad in so many ways that I decided to bring you along with me. It was such a spur-of-the-moment thing that I had some second thoughts for a while, but they’re long gone. Having you along has made this trip so much more than it would have been without you, and I’m not just talking about what we just did, either.”

“Aye,” she smiled. “I gotta admit to the fact that I wasn’t sure what come over me ta ask that of ye back there at Sean’s dock, but I’m sure glad I did.”

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