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I've been writing for many years for my own enjoyment, and I'd like to share that enjoyment with others. This site is not totally free; the ads are on here for a purpose, and that's hopefully to cover the server costs. Beyond that, it's kind of like a dude playing a guitar on the street -- if you enjoy it, you are welcome to throw something in the gig bag. You don't have to; it's kind of an honor system. If you're too broke or too cheap to make a donation, that's fine -- you might click on a couple of the links in the ad boxes, because that adds to the kitty in a roundabout way. If you don't like what you've read here, fine. It's your choice. It's not like you've spent money on a book only to be disappointed in it.

Don't have Paypal? Don't like Paypal? Contact me and we'll work out something.
Thank You!

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