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Reader Comments
The Next Generation

"I have always enjoyed the coming of age/personal development genre, and I think you do a fine job on these."

"This is one of the best books I have read."

"The story - and the people - are wonderful! I really enjoyed this marvelous story!"

"Thanks for a great story. Even though I have never even visited a farm, you kept my interest up to the last paragraph. I appreciate your hard work in writing it."

"A heartwarming and realistic roller coaster with a happy ending."

"Fabulous story. For my city born and raised pallet, it has a lot of farm information I never knew I needed to know. Loved it anyway and the human interest is fantastic. I've known so-called 'handicapped' people who were anything but like Judy. Thanks."

"A story that lifts the spirit!"

"Another wonderful story - and a genre that I really have come to like, handicapped people. I enjoyed the story immensely, and I'm so proud of them - they waited 'till they were married. You did a wonderful job with this one - it is inspiring!"

The Next Generation
Book 3 of the Spearfish Lake Series
by Wes Boyd 1984, 1995, 2007, 2012

All she ever wanted was to be normal! Her mother considered Judith a hopeless invalid to be cared for all her life -- but then as she's about to finish high school, Judith acquires a boyfriend, Ken, who helps her learn that her mother is dead wrong. Judith's mother doesn't like Ken because he keeps widening Judith's understanding of what she can do, so her mother pushes another suitor at Judith, but she keeps going back to Ken. In a touching, slowly building romance, Ken and Judith both learn she can be a much stronger, more productive person than anyone had ever thought she could be. Their love for each other blossoms in college but troubling times come. Is Judith with her newfound capacity for love now strong enough to help keep Ken's family's farm from foreclosure? A light romance, not a bodice ripper.

Approximately 91,000 words (about 205 print pages)

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