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Reader Comments
Busted Axle Road

"Probably the largest element I get from your work is that ordinary people can do really extraordinary things in their life, if they but try. You are a natural story teller and I enjoy what you have written."

"Great story! Loved every minute of it. You're a pretty good writer with a good grasp of things that can happen and the technical stuff. It feels to me that you actually live at the place and basing your stories on things happening for real. I had a few good laughs in the first training stages in the story and can relate to what the wives must've been thinking."

"This was story I really enjoyed. I loved the way you developed the characters and wove the sub-plots. There was something for everyone. You also poked a little fun at a few groups and showed how happiness is related to both how you take control of your life and what you can do for others. There was also a serious side to your writing that I appreciated."

Busted Axle Road
Book 4 of the Spearfish Lake Series
by Wes Boyd 1992; Rev. 2001 2007

A snake crawls out of a bathroom drain, and a woman kills it with her hair dryer . . . That's all it takes to set townspeople, media, crooked environmentalists, a country music singer, the federal government and a bunch of dogsledders to getting at each other's throats. Of course, nothing's quite normal in Spearfish Lake!

Approximately 194,000 words (about 361 print pages)

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