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Reader Comments
Andromeda Chained

"I was deeply impressed with your writing and even the subject matter of this particular story. How one would even think of a story of personal development, sacrifice and love all being told around handcuffs is amazing in itself."

"I just love happy endings. And especially happy endings that are "earned" in the sense of being a true completion of the work rather than a cheap slight of hand. Your insights into normal behavior and adaptation are both instructive and useful."

"Proof that a story can be written today without a load of sex or foul language and still capture the imagination and hold the reader's interest."

"Great story, this one was firing on all cylinders. Fantastic new characters surrounded by familiar Spearfish Lake alumni. The plot line was magnificent, the writing amazing. I can't see anything to complain about with this story."

"There was a lot of humor in this story, enough to make it irresistible once I started. The character development was beyond superb. "

"You've really rung the bell on this one. You squeezed every last bit of feeling, of interest, out of it. Well done!"

Andromeda Chained
A Tale from Spearfish Lake
by Wes Boyd 2003, 2008, 2011.
Handcuffs! Brenda Hodunk couldn't believe the sight before her eyes as she jogged down Lakefront Drive -- the blonde jogger coming her way was wearing handcuffs! Her new job had already taught her that Spearfish Lake was a little different, but this was a little more different than she had expected. Yet her natural reporter's instinct smelled story, and she decided she needed to know more about what she'd seen. Her curiosity leads her to places and things she never would have believed.

Wes says, "This is without a doubt the most off-the-wall premise I've ever come up with for a book. But it's a sweet tale of friendship, with a surprise ending."
Approximately 115,000 words (about 235 print pages)

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