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Reader Comments
Blue Beauty

"In many respects I consider this the best of the stories you have written. There was a lot of soul searching, a few sub-plots and the anxiety of wondering whether Trey would find the courage to declare his love. I think the story matched the complexity of Myleigh's character and personality. I loved the way you brought the two of them together and the way the path to their future together was prepared by their friends. This really was a very fine story and an emotional one. I loved it!"

"I have just finished re-reading "Blue Beauty." Now, reading a book for the second time often leads to a certain disillusionment. This wasn't the case with "Blue Beauty." I must congratulate you on your ability to spin a really good yarn. A literary critic, I am not. An avid reader, yes, that I am. I admire your way of fleshing out the characters, giving them life instead of merely portraying masks."

"This was a strong and well written story that I enjoyed reading quite a bit. Again it had a nice mix of a few good new characters mixed it with a lot of the old characters."

Blue Beauty
Book 3 of the Dawnwalker Series
by Wes Boyd 2003, 2009.

Trey used a tour in the army and college to try to raise himself up from a life of poverty. Then he met a woman that seemed too good for him -- literature professor and harpist Dr. Myleigh Harris. She was easily the most talented, intelligent, awesome and complex woman that he'd ever had the chance to spend time with. Too much woman for him, perhaps too much woman for anyone. If any man ever did wind up with her, he'd have his hands full. Trey didn't think he wanted to be the one to try . . . but still, what a woman!
Approximately 156,000 words (about 323 print pages)

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