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Reader Comments
Hat Trick

"It is a joy to read your stories; I think it's primarily because your style makes me CARE about the characters. The sex works as a part of the story line, moving things along, rather than simply as an end in itself."

"As it is with a good friend, I hate to see it end. It's been warm, friendly, educational, and just a blast."

"I have no idea where all the ideas come from, but you do tell amazing stories. I appreciate all of the character development and 'getting to know' the characters. I also appreciate that at least so far as I can recall, your stories all have a 'happy' ending. I much prefer them that way -- even though it isn't always true in the 'real' world."

"Your characters, settings and story lines seem so real that I feel you are letting me peek in on a part of life that I'd have otherwise never known anything about."

"Absolutely brilliant. Some of the best characters ever created."

Hat Trick
Book 2 of the Bradford Exiles Series
by Wes Boyd 2004, 2010

One afternoon Dayna Berkshire decided to practice her guitar at the mall -- then people started throwing money in her gig bag! An epiphany that changed her life struck her: "This beats hell out of work!" It takes a while to learn the tricks, but Dayna and her friend Sandy set out to explore the free-wheeling life of being street musicians, earning their money on street corners, in shows, at renaissance faires, or wherever they can, living the lives they choose to lead. But into each life some rain must fall, and it tests just how bad Dayna wants to lead the life she's chosen.
Approximately 136,000 words (about 259 print pages)

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