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Reader Comments
The Homestanders

"That may be your strongest final chapter. As many times that I have read it, it still gets to me."

"I just finished reading 'The Homestanders.' I enjoyed it greatly. Thanks for sharing it with us."

"I've read a lot (maybe all) or your stories and been following the ongoing exploits of the crew(s) for many a story. You've never failed to please. I really enjoy how you lead us through getting to know the characters, sometimes as they're getting to know themselves. I also appreciate the character interactions as the story and usually their relationship develops. Thanks for all of the time and effort you put into your stories and for being willing to share the results with me (actually all of us but I can't really speak for all of them) so I can enjoy them too."

"The story is slow and satisfying. I had a sense of where it was going, but the fun was in the journey, rather than the arrival."

The Homestanders
Book 4 of the Bradford Exiles Series
by Wes Boyd 2005, 2011, 2013
Sometimes you find opportunity at home. A lot of Bradford kids "take the on-ramp" when they get out of school, heading out in search of better things. But, some don't leave, and others return when their dreams have failed. Emily is one who stayed, and now her life seems dull compared to some who left. Vicky left, but came back after a disastrous marriage. Despite everything, they learn that the home town can still be a place to thrive, grow, and realize their dreams. Adventure, fun, fulfillment, excitement, respect, and love can be right outside the familiar front door, and sometimes the obvious answer is the hardest one to reach.
Approximately 145,000 words (about 287 print pages)

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