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Reader Comments
Picking Up the Pieces

"Thanks for another fun read. Thanks for writing."

"I’m a retired volunteer firefighter and watched the towers fall on that fateful day. I realized there were thousands of ‘civilian victims’, but I didn’t know any of them. I DID know and realize what the firefighters were doing and mourned their losses with the rest of the country. ‘Picking up the Pieces’ puts a face on the civilian losses. Thank you for your collective work. I’ve been entertained for hours, and have had ah-ha moments where I’ve been challenged to face my prejudices and modify my beliefs."

"I am addicted to your stories and have decided that it is because your characters are so compelling. I am enthralled with “Picking up the pieces.” The subject is well handled and, as usual, the characters are very well done. Thanks for writing."

"Just finished my first reading of Picking Up the Pieces. You did yourself proud with this book. I'm sure all your fans will be pleased with it."

Picking Up the Pieces
Book 5 of the Bradford Exiles Series
by Wes Boyd ©2005, ©2007, ©2011

"I love you, Dave!" When Dave heard his wife's last words on his cell phone as he watched the World Trade Center tower fell from the sky, he felt that except for his two sons, his life wasn't worth living any more. But then, some unique old friends came out of a past he thought he'd put behind him, and helped him put his life back together again in ways he never could have expected . . .
. . . and then it was his turn to help his friends when problems arose in their lives.
Approximately 180,000 words (about 407 print pages)

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